Babett Wollin

Women Beating Burnout​ Summit

How to Reclaim Your Energy, Reduce Stress Permanently and Start Living a Life You Truly Want to Live

Babett Wollin

Thank you for your interest in the Women Beating Burnout Summit. The Summit has come to an end, but for only 47 EUR you can purchase your life-time VIP Access to all interviews below. The VIP Access contains 13 interviews of top experts in the field of burnout and their powerful tips and tools to overcome it.

I am super grateful to all our amazing speakers for being part of the Women Beating Burnout Summit. You can read more about them, check out their websites, connect with them on social media and claim your FREE GIFTS by clicking the button below.

Imagine in 14 Days You Could be Equipped with All the Tools You Need:

  • To Get Back Your Energy and Connect with the Wisdom of Your Body
  • To Practice Self-compassion and Self-care
  • To Honour the Role of Nutrition for your physical and mental Wellbeing
  • To Be Authentically You No Matter What
  • To Create Deep Fulfilment in Your Life and Connect with Your Purpose
  • To Be Empowered and Step into Your Womanhood
  • To Deal with Stress in a Healthy Way and To Build Resilience into Your Life

If you click ‘Get access’ that’s what is possible for you. And it’s totally FREE!

Meet the Women Beating Burnout Summit Speakers

Dr. Judith Wright

Lifestyle Expert and Coach

How Purpose Helps You Flourish and Thrive: Using Emotional Intelligence to Beat Burnout

Dr. Paul Jenkins

Positive Psychologist, Coach

Pathological Positivity to Create and Live the Life You Love

Dr. Bonnie J Kaplan

Research Psychologist

The Role of Nutrition in Overcoming Stress & Burnout and in Developing Resilience

Dr. Annika Sorensen

Medical Doctor, Stress Management Mentor

Stress from a Medical Perspective

Kerry Thomas

Certified Productive Environment Specialist

From Clutter to Clarity – Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Peace and Productivity

Tim Desmond

Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Trainer

Self-Compassion – Transform Your Relationship with Yourself

Louise Evans

Transformational Coach, Leadership Trainer

5 Chairs 5 Choices – Transforming Burnout with Behavioural Intelligence and Conscious Communication

Rachael O’Meara

Executive Women’s Coach

The Life Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break

Dr. Dina Glouberman

Psychotherapist, Transformational Imagery Expert

Burnout – How the End of the World Can Be a New Beginning

Dr. Sabina Brennan

Neuroscientist, Chartered Health Psychologist

Beating Brain Fog – Strategies to Think Faster, Sharper and Better

Tom Nuyens

First Mister World, Photographer, Filmmaker

Dis-Cover Who You Truly are Without the Cover of Numbing Fear, Pain, Distracting Addictions and Consequential Dis-Eases

Tara Wagner

Entrepreneur, Holistic Business Coach

Non-burnout strategies for (budding) entrepreneurs

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Integrative Physician, Meditation Teacher

Recovery, Resilience, Real Self Love

Your Host, Coach & Therapist

Babett Wollin

Chartered Accountant turned therapist and coach, I have been there myself, working in a demanding corporate role, being faced with a burnout. It felt like another problem I had to solve. I started out trying to ‘manage’ my stress or to relax more but it turned out that there was so much more to it. It was the beginning of a new journey. 
I decided to do this interview series to help women who are in the same situation I was years ago, to help making sense of a burnout. By joining this summit, you get access to top experts in the field and their research. I want to make this information available to you, so that you can not only overcome your burnout but make it a great opportunity to learn to be true to yourself and to live the life you want.


I am looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

Do you feel:


  • Constant overwhelm and a sense of failure?
  • Tired, without an ounce of energy left in your body?
  • Trapped and helpless?
  • Dissatisfied?
  • Cynical and disillusioned about your job?
  • Needing stimulants to feel better?

Did you try:


  • To ‘manage’ your stress?
  • To learn relaxation techniques?
  • To work less?
  • And you still don’t feel better…?

There is another way. Making a decision today could change your life!

I know that life gets busy, so I have created a VIP ACCESS for you. For only 47 EUR you have a life-time access to all 13 interviews of the Women Beating Burnout Summit to allow you to watch all videos in your own time or to re-watch them whenever you want, to remind you of their powerful insights and tips.